October 12, 2022

October 12, 2022

Pastor Andy Shaver

Wednesday, October 12, 2022


There is a shifting and a shaking upon you.  Do not fear!  Do not be afraid as you watch fixtures and foundations tumble and fall.  Do not let fear creep into your heart.  The economies, the foundations, the fixtures of this world will quake and crumble.  I will not be moved.  I am doing the shaking.  Those that have built upon Me will last.  You need not fear.  Move in faith, sow in tears, reap in joy.  Furthermore, hearts are growing cold, faint and weary – get grounded on My love, rooted deeply in truth.  Be filled by my Holy Ghost to overflowing.  Let Me strengthen you where it matters – inside out!  Let Me fill your lamp with oil; that you can live in the light that will last!   After this time of shaking, those who know My voice, walk in My calling, carry My Spirit will lead a great stirring, an Awakening like no other.  Do not grow weary, be strengthened and prepared by My Spirit.  Revival is poured out on My Sons and Daughters.  Prodigals WILL COME HOME.  Call for them and declare it.

Favor is coming on My people now to the point of jealousy.  Those who walk in integrity and put Me first.  Favor will rest on you.  Divine advantage.  Doors are opening. Your expectations are too mediocre, saith God.  Lift up your faith and raise your expectations.  Am I too small?  Am I too weak?  Has the reach of My arm been shortened?  I AM enough.  I AM all you need. 

I am releasing a Double Anointing on Men and Women of God.  My pulpits and my altars will flow with rivers of fresh anointing.  The Five Fold ministry is being restored to my remnant. A new level of authority is birthed in the apostolic leadership in this state of Michigan.  The voice of the prophet returns now in Jesus Name.  That wilderness voice will roar like the Lion of Judah saith The Lord. I am loosing evangelists and evangelism on this region like a series of waves.  Build bigger boats and bigger barns; the harvest will be overflowing saith God.  Pastors and Teachers will walk in a new place of revelation and unity!  There is a rain of repentance that will wash over my pulpits and cleanse the mouths of My preachers.  Righteousness and integrity will again be the hallmark of My ministers.

I am opening a portal over this region and I am pouring out my SPIRIT.  Worldly ways that have seemed concrete will soon shift and be swept away in a tsunami of my Holy Spirit.  I am opening a heavenly portal over this church for salvation, signs, wonders and miracles.  Receive it.  Steward it.  Walk boldly in faith!  Unity in my Holy Ghost will mark this outpouring. I will make you one if you will submit to my word, come under the authority of My Spirit.  I will bond you with love to one another.  I will weave you like a fine garment.  I will make you one and make you ready for my returning!

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