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AndyShaver.org exists as to Engage, Elevate, and Equip people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We do this through the promotion of audio podcasts, articles, e-books, and live speaking engagements.

Andy’s Bio

Andy Shaver radically loves Jesus, and is on a mission to spread God’s love in our community and around the world. Andy has an extreme vision to engage, elevate, and equip people with the Good News of Jesus Christ; and to be catalyst of care for the hurting and broken, Andy has a passion to equip and encourage leaders to live out their purpose and to live for Jesus Christ.

Andy is a passionate and practical communicator of God’s word, presenting messages in creative ways and reaching people of this generation. Andy is also a musician and songwriter and has traveled and ministered extensively both nationally and internationally. Andy is a graduate of Master’s Commission of Greater Cincinnati, and has also studied the Bible at Judson University.

Andy serves as the Senior Pastor of Real Life Church in Charlotte, Michigan, as well as serving with leadership influence on the executive boards of Families Against Narcotics of Eaton County, New Beginnings Pregnancy Center, God’s Country Outdoor Ministries, as well as serving as an apostolic overseer of several independent churches and ministries.

Andy’s partner in all things is Emily Shaver. Andy and Emily reside in the rural Eaton County, Michigan with their five children, Alex, Maxi, Wyatt, Weston and Jensen

Podcast Show Co-Hosts

Emily Shaver

Co-Host/The Real Marriage & Family Podcast

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Co-Host/The Influencer Podcast

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Audio Engineer

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